The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen – Ranging From Design to Practicality – Everything You Need to Know

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen – Ranging From Design to Practicality – Everything You Need to Know

Outdoor kitchen design has two important aspects which proper planning of both together will ensure a high-quality kitchen that will keep you satisfied for a long time.

The first one is the kitchen’s visual aspect, which includes the materials and colors used in the outdoor kitchen and how they are combined.

The appearance of the outdoor kitchen directly affects our feelings and the atmosphere in it.

The second one is the functional aspect.

A comfortable kitchen will be a source for restfulness and ease of movement which provides peace and peace of mind.

The inclusion of these two aspects in the kitchen design will ensure long term satisfaction and avoid late modifications and restorations.

The structure of the outdoor kitchen

The structure of the outdoor kitchen is characterized by its arrangement of worktops and storage units.

Any space and design character may suit a different structure from the range of options, but the main emphasis in choosing the outdoor kitchen structure should be placed in the convenience of use and the functionality of the kitchen.

Proper selection of worktops will enable easy access and smooth movement throughout the kitchen, providing a source of comfort. Among the common structures are the following:

  • Corner structure: A kitchen consisting of worktops that are cornered and arranged in the letter – L. From an engineering perspective, such a structure is characterized by the fact that all points in the kitchen are as close as possible and thus allow as little movement as possible. This approach is convenient, but the corner of the structure may form an un-accessible storage space or a poor accessibility. This can be solved with specialized storage techniques, plus it may have an advantage in the use of this un-accessible space for concealers for the kitchen’s technical elements.


  • Square structure: a kitchen which its worktops are spread on two corners and thus arranged in the letter – C. This structure is a kind of extension to the corner structure as it allows for larger work areas and storage. However, for those who do not need an oversized kitchen, such a structure will only fit a relatively short wall so that the kitchen space will be in an appropriate size. The square structure treasures the advantages and disadvantages of the corner structure, adding more space to them.


  • Straight structure: A kitchen which its worktops are adjacent to one wall. It is the simplest form that includes a worktop and storage areas that are spread out along only one wall. The straight structure lacks the traffic benefits of the corner structure, but it also lacks its drawbacks and has maximum utilization of storage space. Unless the desired outdoor kitchen is to be small, the straight structure will require lengthy wall to which the kitchen can be attached so that the workspace will be in the desired size.


  • Island A kitchen that its work space is not adjacent to any wall. The island stands some distance from the walls, thus allowing traffic around it. By this, the island utilizes the work space to the fullest, but it requires a lot of traffic around the island. Although you can create a kitchen island structure without any additives, it is customary to add the island to one of the other structures to obtain a complete organic kitchen. This may be a special and pleasant solution, but it requires much space and is not possible when there is a limitation of space.

Depending on the desired structure and the space in which the outdoor kitchen is placed, decisions can be made regarding the division of the various elements in it.

The urge to maximize worktops’ utilization must be taken into account while enabling easy access and maximum utilization of storage space.

Create your own design fantasy

Outopia technology enables a wide range of design options, through which any design fantasy can be fulfilled without compromising the quality and durability of the kitchen.

The unique technology enables combinations of different materials to give the outdoor kitchen a variety of aesthetic values and thus produce a quality and uncompetitive result in terms of appearance.

Thanks to this technology, the design abundance is possible only as an external design of the kitchen surface and is placed on the core raw material that forms the heart of the outdoor kitchen.

Thus, the kitchen is essentially made of high quality and durable aluminum material that is not damaged even in harsh conditions, but outwardly transmits a design harmony of a variety of materials blended together for a modern and aesthetic appearance.

  • Flexible and easy-to-replace design -Most often, design techniques for kitchens in general and for outdoor kitchens in particular are applied so that the materials are embedded in each other in a way that does not enable efficient dissolution. Thus, when a desire to change the design surface arises – whether out of harm and necessity or out of a basic wish to refresh the appearance of the kitchen – a comprehensive process of dismantling and restoration is required, leading to the renovation of the kitchen. That is not the case with the technology that applies in an innovated method of threading bars in panels which enables efficient replacement if needed. Using this technology, the exterior of the kitchen can be simply and easily replaced for any purpose. The technology enables easy access and quick modifications for an innovative result that does not fall short of the original product.


  • Numerous and varied design options – The numerous Outopia kitchens design options are made possible thanks to the the unique technique of manufacturing the outdoor space of the kitchen. The technique divides the outdoor space, and especially the doors of the kitchen storage area, into autonomous units with aluminum foundation. These units allow a combination of materials and design colors to provide the desired look for the outdoor kitchen. In addition, the units themselves are given from a choice of five types, which differ from each other in the nature of their internal division. Thus, each unit enables for the integration of several design materials together, in the desired division and with the desired gaps from one another. The various division options together with the wide range of materials that can be combined yield a huge selection of design styles, enabling an unequivocal adaptation of the outdoor kitchen design to the visual space in which it is integrated, all for your personal taste.

Advanced storage solutions

To make your outdoor kitchen the highest in quality in terms of both external appearance and functionality, Outopia collaborates with various brands to enable efficient and innovative storage solutions. Among the kitchen’s unique storage techniques are quiet and gentle slamming mechanisms to prevent door damage, storage facilities, and concealment cells for the kitchen’s technical mechanisms such as plumbing or gas appliances.
In addition, the design and storage solutions offered by Outopia’s outdoor kitchens enable a range of accessories to be combined with design, for a uniform and organic look of the entire kitchen. This enables the outdoor kitchen to be equipped with a large selection of grilling elements, side dishes, a plancha tabun including a dishwasher, a beer faucet, garbage cans, and even a wine refrigerator, without compromising the outdoor kitchen’s design uniformity.

The functional considerations versus the design considerations

The functional aspect and the design aspect are both important for designing a high quality outdoor kitchen that is comfortable to use, in which a relaxed atmosphere will always prevail.

However, as a summary of the above, the essential difference between the two in the design stages of the kitchen should be noted.

The functional aspect of the kitchen concerns the layout of the workspaces and storage in the space in which the kitchen is placed, thus involving the kitchen’s foundation and its core.

The visual aspect of the outdoor kitchen relates to the nature of their materials, color, finish and blending with each other, thus relating to the kitchen’s external surfaces.

While previous production and construction techniques combine the two aspects to each other and thus do not enable for flexibility in the substitution of the material, the technology of Outopia kitchens separates them, thus opening up a great deal of flexibility regarding the visual aspect of the kitchen even after completion.

However, the functional aspect is still regularly characterized and applying changes to the kitchen’s aluminum foundation will require more work.

Accordingly, logistical planning of the kitchen structure, to give it the highest functional value, is of the utmost importance.

Giving thought to the matter while making the important considerations and the right decisions will enable a high quality outdoor kitchen that will not require any later renovation and replacement work.

Consequently, you’ll be satisfied with the results, and receive a durable kitchen that will fulfill your needs for years.

Consultation with experts and architects

In order to help you make all the right decisions regarding your outdoor kitchen, we at Outopia offer professional advice by experts in the field. With their assistance you can put the right emphasis on building your outdoor kitchen and carry out responsible planning of the kitchen from both the functional and visual aspects.

The professional Outopia experts will guide you throughout the process, ensuring you get the perfect kitchen.

Do so and you will receive a high quality outdoor kitchen which incorporates all the desired benefits and will not require any comprehensive maintenance or renovation measures upon completion. Please submit your contact information and the Outopia experts will contact you for an initial consultation.

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