Luxury outdoor kitchens

OUTOPIA manufactures luxury outdoor kitchens for outdoor spaces such as rooftops, terraces and gardens, and offers an exceptional experience that blends fine cuisine and entertainment.

The superior quality of OUTOPIA’s outdoor kitchens is apparent as it is based on the excellent quality of the materials and accessories, the professional handling of metals, the use of ovens for the paint drying process, and the state-of-the-art mechanisms, axes and rails.  

Outdoor kitchens design

The planning process of the OUTOPIA kitchen is exactly the same as the planning process of any leading luxury kitchen. A meeting with an expert kitchen designer takes place who also reviews the actual outdoor space (rooftop, terrace or garden) in close cooperation with the architect or interior designer.

Designing the kitchen includes establishing the following parameters: planning the actual positioning of the kitchen, wall coverings, electrical infrastructures, gas, water, and sewage. Selecting the profiles, type of finish and color. Arranging the cabinet modules, shelves, drawers, cooling drawers, ice machines, etc. Selecting all other related products such as grills, meat smokers, tabun, plancha, garbage disposal, beer faucet, work surfaces and more.

OUTOPIA outdoor kitchens can withstand all weather conditions and are manufactured using aluminum profiles protected by an internationally registered patent. These profiles are highly resistant to damages that can occur due to severe weather conditions and corrosion.

OUTOPIA kitchens are lightweight yet exceptionally strong and can support heavy loads. Hidden connectors with the click technique enable a clean and neat appearance. There is no longer any need for welding, nails, screws and bolts. For outdoor kitchens located near the sea, we offer a special coating for protection against abrasion and corrosion.

OUTOPIA outdoor kitchens are meticulously designed with soft-closing drawers, a security lock that offers protection from the wind, and doors that open with a click or a handle as requested.

OUTOPIA extends the kitchen’s cooking experience to your home’s garden or outer space and offers the ability to entertain outdoors just as stylishly and comfortably as indoors thanks to the ideal combination of maximum functionality, impressive aesthetics, advanced technology and design flexibility.

OUTOPIA outdoors kitchens offer a design experience that sees no limits. Each outdoor kitchen is specifically tailored to the needs of each customer and project. Thus, each OUTOPIA outdoor kitchen is unequivocally unique.

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