Balcony Outdoor Kitchen

TOP Series

The TOP Kitchen Series is a pre-designed kitchen line, specially developed for customers who wish to indulge in all the qualities of OUTOPIA’s outdoor kitchens without involvement in the planning and design process. Several models in various sizes ranging from 5.25 ft. to 7.87 ft. wide are available in a variety of finishes. There are both wall-attached models and island kitchens.

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Especially attractive cost

Suitable for any balcony, roof or garden

Buy from an existing selection

see, feel, buy

Immediate availability

Compact and suitable to small spaces

Each model comes with a unique design

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to order the TOP kitchens in various sizes?

TOP kitchens are manufactured in fixed predetermined dimensions and are sold from inventory only and there is a variety of kitchens to choose from. If there are special requirements then we recommend purchasing an OUTOPIA kitchen.

Is it possible to change the grill in a TOP kitchen?

Each model comes equipped with a pre-fitted grill. There are different grills in each kitchen model.

Is it possible to order two different units and combine them?

Yes, it is possible to attach two different TOP kitchen units.