Custom made outdoor kitchens

Each OUTOPIA outdoor kitchen is built to order and precisely designed to meet the customer’s specifications and the outdoor space. All kitchen features are chosen by the customer and are fully adapted to the kitchen of his dreams.

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It is best to plan the outdoor kitchen in such a way so that the host can maintain eye contact with guests while using the kitchen. This enables a more intimate entertaining experience.
If the kitchen is planned against a wall, we recommend covering the wall with cladding in order to protect it from splatters, spills and other cooking incidents. It will be much easier to clean the wall in this way. 

In order to properly protect and preserve the kitchen for years to come, it is important to use a custom-made cover made of durable and lightweight material. This kind of cover will also save time in preparing the kitchen before use.

The outdoor kitchen can function as a back-up kitchen if you want to avoid smoke or dirt when roasting or frying. Think ahead about functions that you would prefer to do in your outdoor kitchen and plan accordingly.


The kitchens are made of which material?


Am I limited in choosing accompanying products / accessories when I choose a particular kitchen model?

No, there are no limitations when choosing a specific model. We can fully adjust and can integrate any product/accessory you may choose.

Can the kitchens withstand rough weather conditions and damage? And what happens if the outdoor kitchen is located near the sea?

Our kitchens are durable and protect against tough weather (hot or cold) and moisture and do not rust. If the kitchen is in an outdoor area adjacent to the sea, then it will be treated with a unique layer of coating.

Is the kitchen structure and configuration of the kitchens fixed? Must the kitchen accessories be placed in specific locations?

No. You are free to plan the kitchen as you wish, and you can place all kitchen elements, products/accessories to suit your specific needs and the nature of your outdoor space.

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